Your book, this year!


Are you an author waiting to happen?

Are you planning to get started when you “have more time”, and are you waiting until other ducks are in row before you get your book underway? Or is it sitting there on the back burner, 30% done and it’s been like that for years?

You need a book coach.

In my latest offering, I’ll hold your hand metaphorically while you get that sucker done. I’ll hold that vision for you on those days when you can’t remember why you’re undertaking such a big project.

I’ll remind you that your book can crystalise your message, can be an important part of your product, and can be a great marketing aid.

Coaching choices

Not everyone works the same way. You have the choice of working intensively or more regularly in this program. What kind are you?

It may suit you to coach with me for an hour each week over six months, giving you plenty of time in between each session to work on your material and carry out the schedule you’ve agreed to. On the other hand, I’m also offering a weekend intensive option where we get together to nut out the whole book, get clear on big picture questions such as your audience, your main message, and the contents plan. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a short, focused period.

I asked people over the past few days what they’d most want from a book coach and I received varied replies. One said: “How to write a meaningful book, that’s not too long, that people would read.”

To that wonderful request, I can say, the meaning has to come from you, but I can help you hone your message, and support your plans for length. The hope of every author is that they’ll be read, and that their communication will fall into the hands that can receive their message.

For your best opportunity to make that happen consult a book coach.


1. Is your book fiction or non-fiction?

If it’s non-fiction – you may be a candidate for my book coaching program.

The state of your book.

2 I have a fantastic idea but need to work on the practical fleshing out.

We’ll get together and firstly plan, and then start the process of getting down your brilliance.

3 Thirty per cent done, but losing my way with what to put in and leave out.

You might need to get more clarity identifying your audience. Work with me on that and everything becomes much easier.

4 Have the outline planned but not actually writing.

Scheduling time in your diary might be the answer. I’ll work with you on the best way to get you inspired and achieve in do-able bites.

All of the above are potential partners for my coaching program. Contact me today on to see how we can get your book done and spreading your word soonest.


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