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I’ve been down and dirty in a cold, quite fixated on the aches, the weakness, the horrid reality of how the sinus holes in my head all filled up with gunk over about five days. How the brain went fuzzy. And then, mercifully, the tide changed and the goo gradually emptied out over the next five days, hawking, sp-– we’ve all been there. Let’s not go on.

Then one feels a bit stronger and goes for a small walk. One notices the sky is nice and suddenly, you’re back in the flow again. And if you’re like me, you promptly forget all the sordid details that are part and parcel of the common cold.

Yes, forget. We often label being forgetful a failing. For some of us I know it is even something to fear. What I’m proposing is that it’s a wonderful thing.

Without it we might clutter up our waking moments with a daily recall of anguish. We might stay with the sharp heartbreak of our first love, the shock of betrayal of friends now discarded, with childbirth pangs, with the pain of physical injury, the angst of teenagehood, and the woe of losing our dearest ones.

Instead, fog settles over those things in time. We can recall the substance of those sensations if we choose, but time has given us the blessing of forgetfulness.

Forgetfulness as a blanket of soothe, a cloud of distance. A balm of peace.

[That doesn’t mean I forgive you for not showing up for our meeting this morning Suzanne! Actually in a day or two I will cease to feel it so sharply…]

Yes, soothed by a loss of detail. Something to thank my stars for.

We forget so we can go on.

Tunks Park, early morning mist.

Denying the peace There are some memories that we refuse to drop: a slight, a victim-stance that gives us juice, a wound with accompanying anger that we choose to keep burnished and with it our anger bright. This can be a self driver, but more often I believe a dead weight.

I recall asking a young Serbian guy at a Sydney party in the 1990s about the causes for the conflicts in his area. He stared with, “In 1456 they did this is us…” (I’m a bit fuzzy on the exact date but he wasn’t.)

So here’s to forgetting. What a blessing. Let’s be grateful for it.

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Celebrate. Eh?

I was Skyping a valued contact and she reported a small win in her business. How did you celebrate, I asked. I’m not sure I ever do anything, she said. Even after exploring the concept, she couldn’t locate what she would do out of the ordinary, if she decided to actually celebrate something.

I say it’s all here:

“By celebrating the completion of every small step, we leverage the powerful energies of gratitude and momentum.” – Tom Volkar


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