What? The love of your life’s not human?

Is love important? You betcha. Loving and knowing that you love can be one of the greatest motivators.

So if you accept that, what happens if the love of your life isn’t your life partner – or ever a potential life partner? Does it matter?
This concept came from ‘Wesley: the story of a Remarkable Owl’. As often with me, a book provokes the theme and then real life expands the concept.
Come on, you’re saying, it’s a stretch going on about love at this level with a pet, right?
If you have to cut to the chase at this point, I suggest you can skip this detail and go to The point of love.
Otherwise, read on. Wesley was a tiny American barn owl taken on by Stacy O’Brien, a fun-loving gorgeous young scientist who observed and documented him. Wesley had a slight deformity which meant he would never be released, so she had him for life. A decision she took lightly at the time but which 19 years later meant the world to her.
At first Stacy was his mum, she fed him and they cuddled up in bed together. After a while he needed a mate and so she became his, catering to his strong drives. A hilarious passage has her describing to a roomful of male scientists how Wesley, yes, bonks her arm!
Her boyfriends find it hard to compete with this feathered, possessive, competition and one by one over the years, the reader hopes she’ll get a bloke who really gets her. One who will understand when  she has to pretend to eat a mouse – the sole diet of barn owls – so Wesley will know she’s nourished..
The point of love
Slowly it dawns on the reader – and Stacy – that this bird’s the love of her life.  When she becomes very ill with a brain tumour and contemplates suicide, she rejects it as it could kill Wesley to be abandoned. He saves her life!
The shows that as long as you love something, it doesn’t matter what form it takes.
I reckon the big love of a woman I know isn’t her husband but her wayward, demanding son who is her real focus of attention. For another it’s her father – her other relationships with men more her age have somehow or other all been “not really available”. Now that he’s recently deceased she’s suffering on several fronts.
Perhaps the love of your life, the LOYL, is a farm or a cause – not even an organism. The main thing is to love.
So, if you’re lonely and keep searching for “the one” with a list of “tall, funny, rich, handsome and two legs”, consider widening the search. Maybe you already have them and they’re right under your nose.
Understand more
Understanding yourself and others is a deeper way can lead to greater joy and effectiveness.  Consider gaining tools in this area with a half day workshopcoming up July 31 in Sydney run by yours truly.  Call me on 0413 610 350 to secure your spot. The group will be small, and held in a picturesque setting overlooking Sydney Harbour.
Success story
Earlier this year I started a new career in business and personal coaching, or so I thought.
The scope for coaching is indeed a very broad one and I found myself floundering about trying to find a niche that suited me. I simply hadn’t come to terms with the need to ‘position’ myself in the wider market place. An experienced colleague detected this and suggested I have a talk with Glenda.
I did, and as a result, spent about three hours with her on the phone and in person, to help me determine the path I should follow within my new coaching career. 
Glenda took me through the Personal Positioning Process and, miraculously, all became so very clear. I now have a very clear position on the environments in which I want to coach and the people with whom I want to work. Not only that, my self confidence has really lifted with that new clarity.
Glenda’s quiet demeanour and professional skill was so effective for me, and no doubt will be for others who seek to avail themselves of her services.
-  Keith Beamish, 5 July 2012
Personally Positioned Plus
If you seek clarity on what you uniquely offer the LOYL, come and study the Personal Positioning Process with me. It can help you “sell” yourself to them, to your prospective clients like Keith above, or your team.
May also work for owls.


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