Try the Flipping Game

I love water. It’s hard to imagine but I reckon I would be a shell of a person without plenty of it. To drink, cook with, wash and the ocean to snorkel in.

A wonderful interview I viewed a few days ago was all about a young man who inadvertently tried The Flipping Game and ended up bringing life-saving and dignity-providing clean water to millions.

Do you know the game? Let me tell you more.

Scott Harrison lived a decadent life from age 18 to 28 as a nightclub promoter in New York city. He relished unlimited free drink, drugs, girls, holiday houses, and luxury, but at one point he realised it was for him spiritually and morally bankrupt.

What would happen, he wondered, if he could do something completely the opposite? He was played The Flipping Game. It had a profound effect. He decided to volunteer in Africa and was turned down repeatedly until one outfit said he could come on their mercy ship as long he paid them.

Great, he thought. It’s the opposite of what I’ve been doing and I have to pay them to do it. So it started. Now he runs charity:water which has brought 4 million people clean water.

If you want to see the interview go to  But wait until you’ve got to my point first, OK?

Now I’m not saying we’re all decadent and need to start charities. Unless you want to. What came out of this specifically for me was the idea of using The Flipping Game where you think you are secure in what you want, yet it doesn’t please you.

What if you tried it for your career. Maybe you’ve been saying for years: “I need this job”, as in “I need to work hard at this role, even though I dislike it, because it’s providing me with the lifestyle I choose.”

Just allow yourself a few moments to flip it. “I don’t need this job.” Maybe you’d come up with: “I could choose to reduce my costs, I could retrain or travel or sell something to try some work I really love.”

Or the reverse: “I’ve been trying and trying my hardest to make my business work and it’s just not happening.” Allow yourself to imagine giving it away, selling it, taking a sabbatical, putting in a manager, I don’t know, the situation in yours and you have to give yourself permission to let the ideas come.

This is especially for you if you’ve been struggling with something on your own, it’s not changing, and you have never yet had help with it. Flip your approach and get a powerful coaching session with me to illuminate your way forward. Start the new year with the juice of a fresh approach. Call me.

Action – Try The Flipping Game

  1. Select your subject. You may be fully aware of that thing you’re trying to push up hill. Or, where you use the phrase “I have to…” is often a fruitful space to start.
  2. State your current position, for example, “I have to…blah blah.”
  3. Give yourself space and grace to suspend judgment and allow some magic to show up.
  4. Flip It. “I have to…” can become “I don’t have to …” Even more powerfully, state it without the negative. “I have to wash the dog every day,” becomes “I can let the dog go dirty.”
  5. Life-shifting lessons can come from this game. If you need help with it, get me on board. I can help you reframe your issue. We can clarify change and let you see a new way to go.

*Don’t worry about that lovely dirty dog. One day won’t matter and if he’s REALLY grubby, maybe someone else will give him a bath for a change.

Alternative Giving It doesn’t always have to come out of your purse. Give of yourself: write a fun document vowing to cook their dinner, babysit, wash the car, mow the lawn, take them shopping, take them for a walk every Sunday for a month, or whatever would work for you and the recipient.

Prize winner Grace Jones won my Grow the Tribe contest. Revealing the Sur-prise:  the winner could choose or negotiate her own prize. Instead of some training or another product, Grace and I are going to spend some social time together as her request. I’m all yours, Grace.

This is my last newsletter for the year and a great year it has been. I’ve loved sharing my experiences and tips via this channel. I’ve also really enjoyed working with you and you have thrilled me the way you have grown in awareness, ability and cut-through.

Have a beautiful festive season and here’s to a magnificent 2015!

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