Trim for growth

You know when you have a shrub that’s got woody and overgrown, and it’s not putting out many fruit or flowers? You prune the branches down to the green, get rid of the old growth and allow for fresh branches to shoot. You get new leaves and flowers and renew the entire bush.

OK, so I was supposed to be doing something else more urgent and important, but I found myself unsubscribing from dozens of senders whose messages I receive regularly in my email inbox.

I had asked for them for one reason or another originally. But who wants all those notices banging into your consciousness every day? Who has time for that many pieces of info and advice?

There were many that I was just ignoring and never opened any more, but just the fact of having to assess them and decide anew whether to open them was energy I could have been using better elsewhere.

I’ve cut down those in my primary inbox to five of the most interesting and informative and those most aligned with my path this year. I still have to cut many out of my promotional inbox, but already I feel freer and more relaxed. It is cleaner, clearer and I will be making space for more useful and powerful things to grow. Just like the shrub.

Recommendation  An action I recommend for the beginning of the year or a new phase is to simplify things. Now, on days when I’m distracted and not concentrating, I won’t get so sucked into going through those inboxes and letting the shiny objects, that promise a lot but often just take up my time and attention for no result, waste my precious energy.

In my recent experience a trim inbox can give me new life. What else can we trim to start our year with freer energy and a cleaner slate? A hair cut, a ‘go through’ of your wardrobe, an edit of your library, a winnowing of your office cupboards. Weed a patch of your garden and mulch it so weeds will be few in future.

Take a clear-eyed look at your scheduled meetings for the first quarter. Do you REALLY “have to”, ie choose to, do everything you had in your diary last year this year? Don’t automatically take on duties without giving them the test – are they right for you now?


1. List your regular in-mail, commitments or other responsibilities you think you’ve got to schedule this quarter.

2. If someone made you reduce them by 90 per cent, which would you keep?

3. Keep those and if you must, add only a FEW more – leaving plenty of room for new and invigorating opportunities to pop up.

4. Put it out there in the universe that you are now open to and welcoming amazing new influences.

5. See what happens.

Do let me know if this works for you and if you have any amazeballs additions insert themselves in your life that you have now made space for them.

Congratulations. And sometimes even the awareness that our commitments aren’t set in stone is a great first step.

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