TOO MUCH adventure

Indiana Jones style takeoff by float plane, Sri Lanka.


I love an adventure.

I see myself as relatively adventurous. I’ve gone to the other side of my country to work, and live permanently.

I’ve been to Africa, including Libya, and travelled solo. I’ve taken the leap of faith of getting married, of having children and raising them, of being a published author.

Probably the biggest leap I’ve ever taken was to go into business for myself.

At the time I was also tearing off band-aids and looking inside myself much more than ever. In changing from an employee I was taking over responsibility for my own sustenance, productivity and doing it in a completely new field. I was entering a novel form of existence. I was trusting my judgment, my feelings and intuition.

Six years later …

I love coaching, when I get to do it. I’m not great at everything to do with this life. It’s a business, as I said. It involves a lot of roles and conditions. On a good day I can view it a complete adventure, like travelling to an exotic locale and meeting amazing people who I can go deep with, transform and learn from. Assimilating strange local customs and tasting unusual, exciting food and experiences. Feeding, even patting, outlandish local animals. Deep, deep enjoyment and satisfaction.

Coaching's usually adventurous.

On another day it can feel like being stuck in a cold waiting room for a train that’s never coming. Unable to understand the local language, having no-one to connect with, unable to find anything to eat or drink, and without anything to read! (Yes I suffer from that phobia of not having anything to read – what’s it called?)

Lately there’s been a lot of waiting rooms for me. If going into business is the biggest adventure you’ll ever embark upon, sometimes the contrast of the sucky times make it the opposite of fun.

Then I want to wake up from the dream and find I have a structure laid out in front of me again. An office to get to and a boss to direct what goes down, and a lovely regular cheque at the end of every week.

Yet when I actually contemplate it, I recoil from the memories of spending my substance in another’s path and I know that if I have the courage and the persistence required, treading my own track is the way for me.

To that end, can I ask you to give me something?

What’s going on in your life? What’s your biggest goal? What your biggest obstacle?

Let me know over at Flourisheer page or by email if you’d rather keep it private. Your challenges are what I need to help me live my adventure even more right now.

I Skyped with a mate overseas a day or two ago and hearing of her recent break-through successes has inspired me all over again.

Actions – no actions this time except for:

  1. What is your most important aim?
  2. What’s stopping you the most?
  3. Let me know.

And if you fancy some inspired support around those get onto me and see what we can cook up together.

I wish you all the joy and fulfilment that can possibly come your way right now. And as much adventure as you can take.


Moonlight beach volleyball, Manly.





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