Thanks without provisos

I’m on a three month course and as the rest of the group is American, we’re having this week off for Thanksgiving. It is the US’s biggest ‘get back to family’ holiday I’m told. Our Christmas is similar.

This brought up three points:

1. What an advanced notion being thankful is.

Way back when the early settlers decided to be grateful for the way they’d survived, they created this thankfulness event which has perpetuated.

Learning to be thankful for what is, rather than forever railing against what isn’t, is a key foundation for person growth and transformation. A cornerstone of many traditional and modern practices, once adopted it increases contentment, helps insomniacs and spreads happiness in appropriate subjects.

2. My first Thanksgiving taste. New Yank friends invited us to celebrate in their apartment near Bondi in Sydney. The huge turkey was renamed an emu because it took 8 hours to cook, several more than the host had planned. This created a fantastic evening with all the imbibing while waiting for the food.

Those generous hosts are great pals decades later though they now live back home so we see them rarely.

3. On the beach this week in a small cool wind, I hesitated before plunging in. It was really very nice in the sunny harbor at Manly but that pause reminded me of another American, tall lean Elizabeth.

She lives around the globe (Morocco now) with her husband’s work but when they were in Denmark, she joined an unusual ocean club.

E is some mermaid having gone to college on a synchronized swimming scholarship, and at this northern site, locals swim in all weathers.

The distinction – you swim naked because once you get out of the water, any swimsuit will freeze onto you. With her characteristic dry amusement, E noticed her interactions between men and women: the tradition of not noticing each other much at the water’s edge, but then when you ran into them fully dressed at an event later, a disconcerting double-take.

So I want to give thanks for what is, including the great friendships and the fun I’ve had so far, and good on you, US, for making a day of it.


Action: Forget the provisos                    

Be grateful for something now and for once skip the qualifications.“Despite his current health issue, my nearest and dearest is totally amazing.” “That was great, even though it didn’t fully work out.”

Drop those half a****d comments that dilute full thankfulness.

Go full out. Dare you.

Here’s mine:
Grateful for                               without proviso          because

My nearest and dearest                    (silence)                      Is totally amazing

Australia’s first female prime                                              Now girls will see that as normal

minister Julia Gillard 2010-13

The ocean                                                                                 It restores me when I get in



Thank YOU  – bonus gifts

I’m thankful for you for reading these posts. The outlet to have my ideas out there and being received gives me a great feeling. To add to that here’s a seasonal gift.

Two options (time sensitive).

Gift 1

Never been a client:

If we’ve never worked together, for the first time I’m offering a free 40 minute consult to look at your situation and to support you then and there if appropriate.

Six available – must book before Dec 31, 2013.

Gift 2

Existing/previous client:

Coffee’s on me. Arrange a bonus coffee catchup (or Skype if you’re out of town) for a 20 minute reboot, free. Three available – must book before December 1, 2013.


For these and any other reasons, call Glenda on +61 (0) 413 610 350 or email to

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