Refreshing yourself

Last week I was able to spend a couple of precious hours with a best friend. She was zotting across our eastern sates for work and had a late dinner spot in Newcastle, several hours north of me, on the Wednesday. Should we connect? Very tempting.

Once I checked my availability, my only query was if she was up to it. She was on a tough schedule and had to set off to a mine early next morning, but she was keen, so we seized the opportunity.

I took public transport in order to use my time better than driving. A ferry ride and two trains later I was there and, after checking into my hotel, found hers. As her plane was delayed and there was some concern that the kitchen might close, I took her order as she drove from the airport with her companions. Finally she was there, in the same room as me.

Oh it was so nice to see her! I bathed in the pleasure of deep one-on-one trust, joy and connection that true friendship brings. It was very restorative to my spirit.

My friend was actually quite unwell and had a cold and such ear problems that she asked if she was shouting when she was speaking very quietly. Her flights had been painful. I urged her bedwards and she said “In a while. I feel uplifted.” That’s the power of deep connection. It refreshed us to be with someone who really knows us and likes us.

What happened  I can’t say that we solved the world’s – or our own – problems that night, or invented new ideas, but whatever we exchanged in that quiet dining room near the wharf was very soothing and reassuring. To be really seen and received by those that love us is a tonic not to be missed.

We live at opposite sides of the country and only get to see each other once or twice a year if that. I’m so glad I made the effort. I’m writing this on the way back home. I can see the scenery this time (it’s daylight) and all is tinged with gladness.

Now over to you. Does this kind of thing refresh you? What is it that brings you deep joy? Can you fit some more of that into your life? I want to hear back from you over at the Facebook page. (link)



1. What refreshes you most? A lake and mountains, art and music, nature, cuddling your child, a pet, stillness and getting clear on your own inner magic, deeply connecting with a loved and trusted friend, gardening? Or what?

2. Once you become aware of what provides best refreshment for you plan to put more of it in your life.

3. How often would you welcome this, annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily.

4. Turn to your calendar and schedule that.

5. Make these events happen. Call, spend time and money. These are the real treats rather than perhaps always reacting to others’ suggestions and wondering why you feel strangely unfulfilled and running on empty.

6. Be flexible enough to seize serendipitous refreshment events if they pop up. Understand how valuable they are and given them priority.


There’s still time

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