Pushing ripples out

Pushing or gliding, that is the question.

Some surprising feedback after my last newsletter, ‘Allowing’ Energy Week, or as it shall be known henceforth as “Pushing”:*

a) Shock The young musician in question would have resented all the pushing I did to him and on his behalf, wouldn’t he? At the time we had an adolescent/parent lack of communication thing going on that made knowing that very cloudy. I asked him the other day, now that we talk much more easily and clearly, and he replied that no, it had been great to get to his result. It had taught him how much we’re capable of when we really focus and try!

Such is the power of assessing how a project went, afterwards. And of not assuming.

b) Revelation A fellow entrepreneur reported that she’s just had an amazing month and she wasn’t sure exactly what the new magic had been but one of her strategies was to write on her office whiteboard: What if this could be easy?

c) Visual aid I had a target for the end of May as part of a group challenge. After doing everything I possibly could to that end, and not making it, I went to a pilates class and was really present to the last bit – a simple meditation really – about being as light as a feather.

That image stayed with me for about 36 hours afterwards, and in that state I was receptive and feather-like in a conversation that landed my goal.

d) Response Several people found it useful and sent it to others near and dear to them who (they hoped) could use it. And suggested expanding the concept – Thanks!

* See below if you missed the last newsletter.

Glenda Commends:

Too late for a new biz? - Mary Wallace Jaensch’s people might hold big corporate jobs but they have a kernel inside for a great idea, yet they think it’s probably too late. ‘I’ll just work out my remaining years here and pretend I’m happy.’ If that makes you curious, contact Mary on Mary@lastbiggig.com  Her own Last Big Gig biz is rapidly unfolding and she wants to support yours, too.


Flexing your intuition – If you’d like to know more about trusting and wielding your intuition, listen to Ashli Pritchard’s talk on Tapping into Your Intuitive Strengths and Amplifying Them. Also take the quiz to find out what kind of intuition you’ve got. Her no-cost audio replay is here.

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