Is This You?

 You do well in the eyes of the world. You may have a good job and a good life, but something inside of you can’t accept that valuation. Something inside you is saying “yeah but…” Is this you?

There’s something else you want to try. It could be huge, it could be just a bit different, but its introduction will bring change, it might cause havoc. It might mean starting a new business, it might mean changing your life in a way that you suspect won’t be smooth.

You keep pushing it down, this message, a message from your soul that says: “I don’t want my life to pass me by. I don’t want to live without passion, without making a difference that I know I can make.” It could be just a feeling, nothing concrete.

Is this you? If you appear to be flourishing but feel this tug at the heart strings to flourish in another way, you might be at the point where speaking up is necessary.

“Honey, I need to change what I do.” “Boss, can I talk to you about a new approach?” “You know, I’ve got to…”

Getting to this point can be a gigantic moment. If you never take the first step towards change that you know in your marrow must come, nothing will be different. Is this you? Is it time for you to give yourself permission to have those thoughts, is it time for you to speak up?

For some of us speaking up is as scary as anything. I know it was one of the major hurdles in my communication journey which has eventually got me here, running a business, living a life that I love and revelling in what I do.

I’ve taken that step. For me it involved leaving a well paid corporate job and a whole career to explore other ideas for years, and finally finding coaching. Not just any coaching, the specialised coaching that calls to the people I can best support and which mentors them to better communication and speaking out.

I have some tools, ideas and a system for helping you reach for what you really want. Come and join me if this is you. Let’s flourish. It’s wonderful.


Give yourself a quiet, safe place where you can be uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes. Allow yourself time to get centred and go deep.

  1. Acknowledge to yourself there’s something that makes you go “yeah but …”.
  2. Write down what comes up for you. Don’t sensor it, just get it out.
  3. Notice the feelings or energy that arise.

Congratulations — you just took a brave step. Now relax, do something that you find fun or energising.

This kind of activity can be challenging alone. Professional support such as coaching can help.


 Coming up – Flourisheer Circle

A series of teleclasses starting April. Watch this space.

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Others’ experiences ”I have more awareness of myself [since undertaking coaching]. It is very easy to open up to Glenda. Her very good strategy and personality make me very comfortable. It has really changed me.”
- Grace Zhang  

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