Hugging long enough

A hug of any length is better than no hug. In my opinion anyway, except for those you wish didn’t happen at all. A hug can be a warm connector, it can signal closeness, it can reassure, it can mean nothing at all.

But how do you know if your hug has contributed to actual connecting and bonding, should that be your aim? The average hug would last a second or two, maybe three. But few would track as long as six seconds. Try it out, if you don’t believe me.

What’s with the six seconds figure? It refers to the scientific measurement of the minimum time a hug needs to last before it creates some serious bonding.

In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin who clocked the research, she states that a hug needs to last at least six seconds to “promote the flow of oxytocin and serotonin, mood-boosting chemicals that promote bonding.”

Fundamentals – We’re dealing with the fundamentals in these blogs here at the end of the Australian financial year to June 30.  Last blog we deal with a new take on tidying up. This time it’s hugging. While these are fundamental steps in living well, I’m aiming to bring you fresh tweaks on these topics so that you can apply new approaches should you wish to take these ideas on.

As the pix show, hugging is not confined to human-on-human hugging, either.

So, the actions are obvious.


1. Get in a hug and KEEP HUGGING longer*.

2. Communicate. You may need to *advise the huggee first of your plan.

3. Find more people to hug. Practice on babies and old peeps. It’s a gift, and there is much mutual enjoyment to be gained.

I’d love to hear how this pans out for you.


First Step of Your book

What’s the first thing you do when writing a book?

For most people it’s having the great idea. If you’ve already got your juicy idea but hesitate over the next moves, you may welcome professional support around realising your book. You need a book coach.

In my program Your Book, This Year, we start with Ignite, the first of seven clear steps in you achieving your book.

With Ignite we get fired up over:

#   Sparking clarity – getting to the nub of your concept.

#   Provoking ideas – looking at it from other sides to anchor your approach.

#   Refining targets – getting specific about your project.

And you choose. The great thing about this program is that Ignite can be the start of a steady program over six months or part of a Quick-start weekend intensive that gets you catapulted into your book project fast. It depends on how you like to work.

Contact me at to work out your start date. Your book could really be ready to show your brilliance this year.


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