How deep is your love?

In the US winter at the moment: one friend couldn’t get enough ice off her car to be able to drive to her exercise class. Also, this was on film, snow stopped people leaving their house for 24 hours because it simply piled up outside and stopped the door from opening.

Amazing. I can’t even imagine dealing with that kind of weather. I’m a wimp about the cold.

But when it comes to the reverse, I’m remembering Arizona last July was insanely hot. My target was the expansive pool at the resort where our Mastermind group was meeting. It was quite late in the evening when I hugged a fellow-participant goodnight. “You’re COOL,” she said, astounded*. Yes, she and her fellow northern hemisphereans had been BY the pool, not IN the pool. To an Australian with plenty of experience of heat, it was a no-brainer. Flitting around the outside is not going to do it for you. You got to get in.

Pool at Shute Harbour, Queensland, Australia.

You got to get in. It’s a metaphor for real commitment, too. Hanging around the edge of something is probably not going to deliver the results you seek. Really engaging is what you need to do.

Examples Maybe you go to a networking event but stay chatting with friends instead of meeting new people. That’s is not going to deliver a broadened reach, a potential new friend/supplier/client or JV partner is it? Just dangling toes in the water.

Maybe you’re dying for a better job. Trolling through the online jobs sites and bookmarking targets is not going to get you more power, money or respect unless you dive in, apply, have your ducks in a row and tackle any subsequent interviews with a real energy of availability. Otherwise it’s still hanging by the pool.

What about when we complain we haven’t got enough peeps on our list or in our client base? Do we really take the steps to talk to enough individuals who don’t yet know us or our wares to address that imbalance?

I’m good at singling out these kind of things because I have LOTS of experience in this too. And the skills to help you through this.

We know we know we know it’s not likely to serve us to flit and flirt on the surface with our issues and avoid going deep where solving them is more likely. We know going subterranean is the answer. We know commitment brings the magic.

* Yes maybe it would also have been a shock to find me ‘cool’ in the other sense too!

Quiz – Are you half hearted?

Last time you set out on a path, was there any element of self-sabotage there? It can ‘save’ you from the fears that often arise when you really engage full out with what you want. These include fear of ‘failure’, fear of ‘success’ and everything in between.

Bought a business/self development book recently? Have you:

  1. Started it, honestly, and left it by your bed gathering dust as something easier or more entertaining came along?
  2. Skimmed it and vowed to get back to it ‘sometime’?
  3. Read it fast and moved on to the next thing without ever pondering your takeaways or ever applying one idea from it?
  4. Read it thoroughly and have incorporated three tips in your life or business that you use all the time?
  5. Left it still sitting there in your Kindle, untouched.

Answers: Everything but 4, you’re still twisting by the pool. And if you’re doing it there, it’s possible you’re doing it everywhere. Work, relationships, money. If this has preventing you getting on, contact me for support and to see if I’m ‘your person’. Call +61 (0)413 610 350.

Digging deep

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. – Chantal Sutherland

“… deep roots are not reached by the frost.” — JRR Tolkien






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