Gotta lotta stuff

I’ve got a lot of stuff.

Files and notes and files of notes and notes of conversations of my ex clients, and learnings from early on in the coaching game. The hoarder in me wants to keep ‘em all, ‘just in case’. The freedom oriented me goes ‘get rid of the lot’ (echoed by the husband, BTW).

When I was a journalist we were advised to keep our notes for seven years in case of a court case. I never needed to, but that caution has become ingrained.

The good news? We’ve found a new place to live. Still in Manly. Yay!

It’s one room smaller and I really, really have either to ditch some gear or store it. We still have a storage unit after two years, and ideally need to be reducing that pile of belongings rather than adding to it. Most people with long-term storage eventually look at their stuff, and chuck it, rueful about paying hefty rates all those months.

Set fire to it     I was having a rant about this to a good pal and coach. She said I could scan every page into Evernote, if I really wanted to, and thus take up a lot less space. But probably I needed to just select a few unimportant pages and burn them. Literally ‘burn’, said I? Yes she said. You need to break some bonds from the past and free yourself.

Where could this happen? I jostled round and eventually set fire to some pieces of paper in a saucepan. Smoke alarm went off. Whoops. Felt?

Amazingly cleansed, a bit tingly with the ‘forbidden’ feelings that came up.

More ditching will be easier, now. Even exciting. Ordinary recycling will be fine.

The space created gives rise to new possibilities.


1. Take a good look at what you’re hanging on to.

This can be material possessions, people, beliefs, and more.

2. Ditch 5 per cent. (Fire is not necessary, but can be cathartic.)

3. How do you feel? Can you go for 10 per cent?

Stripping away that which you no longer need can help you move on with energy.

I used Glenda

“The happiness and freedom I felt in being able to speak to Glenda changed everything.”

Click below for the video:


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