Finding real refreshment

Went for a great snorkel last week. There were five of us and although it was a bit choppy on the surface of our local spot, Fairy Bower, we saw a huge wobbegong in all its camouflage glory and the curious weed-like protrusions around its mouth.

Back on shore, one of us was saying he got light-headed afterwards, one was still grappling with getting his gear right. What about you, said one? I’m ecstating, I replied. I think you must be part fish, she said.

Two days later I was with a friend who rarely gets her feet wet. She was happy to lie on the rocks and take in the scene. I got out after my snork and reported I was cold, happy, hungry for a coffee and a few other sensations. But above all, serene. The peace that comes with connecting to this other world of mine is delicious and deep. It stays with me for hours afterwards.

So this is what I want for you this year. Connect to your joy, whatever that may be for you. Take that glorious feeling back into the rest of life as often as may be.

Understand the refreshment, creativity, and soul food that’s available to restore your heart, your body, your ideas that way.

That’s it.

Get Clear and Get Traction

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