Do you need to ditch a friend?

Do you spend time often with someone who is an energy drain? Perhaps they’re a close friend or co-worker. Perhaps they’re addicted to drama or won’t learn from their mistakes … in some fashion suck up a lot of your energy.

So much so that you dread your next meeting with them?

At the beginning of the year, when you’ve had some peaceful downtime and (like me) some relaxing summer fun, it is often a time to reevaluate some of your positions to give yourself the best chance of a wonderful 2013.

It might be time to ditch a friend.

This dilemma is explored in a helpful way by Marie Forleo at:

I was struck by her quote that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Can bring on a sharp re-evaluation of them, doesn’t it? Yes, we “choose” most of those people.

So whip over to Marie’s if this subject interests you for ways to ditch the energy drain should you decide to do so.

And if you want some one on one support, contact me for coaching so you can create the circle that inspires and supports you rather than dragging you down.

We can meet in person or on the phone or by Skype.


And welcome to Flourisheer for the new year.


Apologies for being a bit absent around the end of last year. It was happily delivering programs around Australia but I neglected these messages so for that, sorry.


More beautiful, helpful, and fun messages will be coming your way soon.







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