Speak Up Stories

Speak Up Stories

Real stories for real lives. From real lives. Getting them off your chest can help heal some of the ties that bind us from really flourishing. Share at flourisheer page on Facebook, or send them in directly.

Speak Up Story# - Married the wrong man

“I love someone beyond all reason – and he loves me – yet we both married other people.

“My best friend knows but I’ve never told my children. I agonise back and forth about it but we have people who depend on us. I’ve decided that no one is to get hurt but me.”

As you may know, I’m collecting Speak Up stories and this one touches me to the quick. It is a Speak Up story that is yet to happen. Or may never happen. From someone whom I’ll call Sadie, it demonstrates that Sadie has yet to reach her Tipping Point* – that moment when you know your Speak Up time has arrived.

Sadie and Bob have rediscovered each other in the last five years and they’ve had “nine amazing days together” in that time. He is married, lives abroad, and is very involved in his adult children’s lives. Sadie was widowed in the last 12 months.

Sadie has decided she won’t change the status quo until – and here she defines her future Tipping Point: “If I was fatally ill or only had a few months to live – either of us – then there’d be no question, we’d be with each other. I fight that battle every day. It could happen at any time.

“I’m grateful for what I’ve got. I’m older and normally you’d think I’d never have a chance for great love again. I long for him like I’m going to die. Aside from the sadness, there’s joy never-ending.”

Speak Up Story# – Lion at Last

An immigrant lady was allergic to penicillin and told her doc. Despite this he prescribed medicine which unknown to her contained penicillin and it ruined her health. She spent many years trying to manage her health. Currently can’t hold her job because it involves walking on a slope.

She only stopped going to that doc after four years! She is sad for herself and only when medicines were suggested for her two beautiful daughters that she turned into a lion. She refused to accept any chemicals whatsoever for them unless rigorously vetted. She spoke up in the end!

Speak Up Story# – Breaking Up is Hard to Do
A gorgeous young woman stayed in a relationship for five long years even though she was in dread the whole time because he was faithless. She became depressed, was put on antidepressants. She says everyone around her could see it and she wouldn’t relinquish her idea of ‘them’ – because, as he wasn’t as good as her, how could he ever give her up? 
In the end he DID leave and she now sees the truth. She’s dating again after a recovery period but this time around playing it sooo differently.

Speak Up Story# Crucial meeting
At work N’s competent female boss had been replaced by a man and the meeting was to explain the way forward. N spoke up – “what’s really going to change and who’s head’s going to fall when it doesn’t?” In a charged atmosphere she was put in her place explosively and the meeting cut short. From this moment N knew she wouldn’t again let fear losing her job (she didn’t in this case) stop her from speaking her mind. Her action encouraged others around her. It set her on her path. She knew this was her fertile field to till.


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