Snorkelling picnic

My husband and I – what a queenly way to start – “Mai husband and Ay”! Mark and I recently had a supremely refreshing break in Vanuatu.

You can tell it was so good because a couple of days after our return I was potentially in a competitive situation and you know what? I was that peaceful there was not a warlike cell in my body.

Why was it such an effective break? Looking at it now, I think a few reasons.

Firstly we were ready for one.

Once there, we were snorkelling/kayaking/fishing and going into town and suddenly on the fourth day we couldn’t do anything: breakfast and back to bed to doze and read all day. We really STOPPED. Result – our five days felt like three weeks.

Doubtless being “away” contributes to relaxation. We’re apart from our normal responsibilities and not faced with the many tasks that call to us at home and work. “Away” doesn’t have to be so exotic, but a change of scene is excellent.

We also chose not to discuss work. I’ve been building a business for three to fours years and a second for 12 months, so many waking moments in that time and some sleeping ones have been spent wrestling with work questions – often picking Mark’s brain on them as well.

I think we gave ourselves permission to be off duty. I prepared well before leaving and once on that Pacific island I “let go”.

It’s different for everyone. Some find extreme sports most refreshing while others like a joga/spa break. Some have loved volunteering in Africa. For one client, the best holiday’s been out of her comfort zone and enjoying observing the responses of her teenage son.

But for Mai hubby and Ay, thank you universe, this was one for the books.

Four Tips for a Refreshing Break

  1. Get “away”.
  2. Drop the usual daily conversations and thoughts.
  3. Give yourself the “off duty” signal.
  4. Be present to the moments.


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