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Spreading the word

Piece of mine is in the latest “havamag”. This is a free digital magazine you can send out to your database to keep them informed and in touch. Or you can white label it yourself if you choose (this costs … Continue reading

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I Stuffed Up

By Glenda Thompson, coach Recently I spoke at BRAS (discover what that stands for later) and I stuffed up. Ha ha — I just reread that and all kinds of double entendres pushed up at me! Let me set the … Continue reading

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Is an Introvert less?

Julie (not her real name) was labelled an introvert by a manager and for that reason not OK to step up to a job that she was seeking.   First, Julie rejected the title vehemently. Secondly, even if she were … Continue reading

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Gallant way to give bad news Admirable, from Michelle Ward, via Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain biz newsletter.

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On being brave

Sometimes we don’t feel at our bravest and when faced with a task we know we could be doing, that might be great, we let something put us off. OK, let’s stop talking a mumbo jumbo “we” business and point … Continue reading

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How to do the Last 5%

  I have a friend (OK it’s my husband but I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this) who has great ideas and is an action guy and gets projects up and … loses impetus at the 95% finished mark. … Continue reading

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What’s with ‘setting you own price’?

I’m seeing this phenomenon a lot lately. Is it part of the new business paradigm? OK, so when we were in New York, museums had entrance fee set at ‘pay what you want’ on Sundays, and I noticed that, given … Continue reading

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Go – to stop

Just returned from a beautiful two-week trip to the US. My husband and I were talking about why it was so wonderful. Apart from all the marvelous experiences we had, the amazing sights, the great old friends we connected with … Continue reading

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Ann Patchett entertains

Saw marvellous author Ann Patchett in person at the Stanton library in North Sydney. She’s one of those gossipy story-tellers who can really make an impression. I’d recently finished her latest novel State of Wonder, and her reading a dramatic … Continue reading

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Lazy can be extra productive

Loved this take on busyness blocking inspiration from Darla leDoux. See her featured article at  

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