Am I not tidy enough?*

My desk last week.

We’re in ‘retrograde’ with the stars and apparently this can be interpreted as a time to pull back and regroup. Whether or not, allowing yourself to take the foot off the accelerator for a time can be healthy rather than a backward step. The concept around this we’ll be looking at together today is clutter.

It’s simple to say a cluttered life gives a cluttered head but often clearing the one can have a hugely beneficial effect on the other.

Our stuff banks up, undealt with, and adds a weight, a leakage of energy when we notice it, and think “oh I’ve got to file /finish/sort/chuck those…” Every day, maybe several times a day, it can be leaching away little by little your optimism and your freedom to create your day the way you want it.

A Japanese de-cluttering guru has emerged with a new take on these tasks. Marie Kondo, or KonMari, reportedly has sold 2 million copies of her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Her partly translated clips appear on Youtube, and she’s quite a star. If I understand her correctly, there is energy reading involved in deciding what to keep. She recommends you retain only the items that “spark joy”.

My desk yesterday

There is also a small ritual of thanking of items leaving you — for fulfilling their purpose, or having brought you joy at another time, perhaps.

I’m trying it out on my desk right now. I’ll let you know about the results down the track.


Decluttering with the KonMari method.

  1. Select a particular category to declutter (not everything!)
  2.  Keep only the things that “spark joy”.
  3. Thank the items leaving you for their service and bid them goodbye.
  4. Let them go.
  5. Do it once properly and you don’t have to repeat incessantly according to Kondo.
  6. Enjoy the consequent calm and motivated mindset

*From the gorgeous Kasey Chambers song ‘Am I not pretty enough?’ Do my international readers know her? It includes the wonderful rhyme ‘Is my heart too broken? Am I too outspoken?’ See it here.

Resources – parenting and wisdom

This interview with Dr Shefali Tsabary about the philosophy of parenting and relationship building has some excellent insights:

In a speech from AltusQ’s Michael Ahie in New Zealand, he offers three simple bites of wisdomGo to the 33.56 mins mark to start:


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