About Flourisheer

If you’re avid to connect more effectively with others and put your confident self out there, Flourisheer can partner with you to make that happen.

You are invited to Contact to describe your needs. You are welcome to get started on this exciting step now.

You’ll get great results when you receive the support you need to get started on your journey. Come and let your unique gifts shine!

The founder of Flourisheer is ‘Glenda the Connector’, connection and communication coach Glenda Thompson.

Glenda invites you to learn to flourish even more than before, with her support.

She loves nothing better than to help you to break through your barriers to more powerful communication. Better than lying in a sunny spot with a good book? Well it’s a tie, anyway. Improved communication skills can benefit you more than you an imagine.

Once a challenged communicator herself, Glenda is thriving on a journey of self development and would welcome your company. Join the Flourisheer tribe and share the insights being discovered along the way.

Glenda started her coaching business as a joint founding owner of Think Feel Know Australia. She is trained in the remarkable tools and techniques of that organisation, which have been proved in the marketplace since 1999. She worked with TFK colleagues on powerful projects, workshops and one on one coaching.

Then she founded her business, Flourisheer. Her training – which has never stopped – continued with leading coaches and trainers world-wide to bring the latest in concepts to her coaching arena and to benefit her clients.

Flourisheer’s blog is designed to provide information, stories and insights to power your to greater strength and effectiveness. Get access to it top right.

Join the community You are most welcome to join the community, read the blogs, and add your comments on Facebook at the flourisheer page. There is no requirement that you be a coaching client, or even a potential client, to join. Be interested in the topics, sign on to receive regular updates, and you’re in. Of course Glenda would love you to explore the flourisheer tools and programs on offer.

Please add your Speak Up story  We would love your story if you have one. By telling your story in this venue you can first of all create an important step in Speaking Up yourself. You can also help others who can see themselves or their situation in your particular story. Your actions and experiences and emotions in your story can support others who are feeling their way along their own paths to opening up.

Our Speak Up clients are often successful individuals who yet know that inside there is an issue bubbling away and wanting to come out. For better health, for enhanced ability to connect to clients, colleagues, family and friends, for improved financial power, Speaking Up can clear your channels and remake you anew.

Actions If you have a Speak Up story:

  1. Contribute your Speak Up story on Facebook.
  2. To do so, if you haven’t yet ‘liked’ the page Flourisheer do so.
  3. Add your story or comment.
  4. Or email them directly to Glenda. She may choose to interview you if you prefer.

Background Flourisheer creator Glenda Thompson’s previously career was in journalism with leading newspapers and magazines including The Australian Financial Review, The AFR Magazine and Australian Consolidated Press, now Bauer Media Group.

She has worked in TV and history research. She is a published author of non-fiction.

In her previous life as a journalist Glenda was a great communicator with her subjects and readers but not so great with corporate dynamics and politics. That frustration led her to deep personal development and a leap into the coaching world to teach others the skills she has learned (and wished she’d known much younger).

Book coaching Are you an author? If you’re keen on finishing your book within the next 12 months, you may be in need of a coach. Help with non-fiction projects is available.

More about our coach Glenda is a reader. She also likes to snorkel and have adventures, within reason — no hang gliding, although skydiving has some appeal.

She loves spending time with her amazing children, husband, and friends. That time often involves contributing to, and consuming, marvellous meals.



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