Lorikeets, or First Impressions Rule

“Squawk squawk screech,” the lorikeets so loud in the front yard one morning is my first conscious experience. So early, and so raucous.

To me it’s like: “Look at me! I’m upside down! Come on Chaz and Suze, over here! It’s amazing in this tree!” I start to giggle. My husband thinks it’s: “Yahoo, let’s all go to the pub!”

Rainbow Lorikeets* don’t strike just us that way, Wikipedia describes them as “hyperactive and clownish in personality”. They’re lairs all right. Do you know the term “lair”? Think of a young bloke getting into his best clobber, revving up his big ute and going to town on Friday night to go “lairising”.

The day before, woken equally early by crashing and screeching trucks and equipment — a different sound although probably of similar decibels — I took it quite differently. “Shut up,” was my first reaction. Moan, groan.

I think the rest of each day turned out in line with those first thoughts. The one pretty joyful and cheery, the other pushing it up hill.

How we set ourselves up in the morning can have quite an impact on our whole day. I’ve heard Louise Hay say the first thing she does on waking is thank her bed for the lovely sleep. Getting that gratitude going out of the gate.

Interested in trying to make your day better? More enjoyable, filled with ease, more successful and achieving? The try these actions and report back.


a) Observe – Tomorrow morning as soon as you reach consciousness, notice when happens. Is it complaints oh my aching knee; stressful thoughts OMG I haven’t completed that document yet? Is it scarcity – I haven’t had enough sleep, how am I going to get through my day with enough energy?

That last one used to be me all the time in my final corporate job, and boy did it come true, day after week. I’d be snacking inappropriately to try and get enough oomph to make it to the end of the day.

b) Next day – prepare yourself the night before. Put intentions out there to immediately go for joy, abundance, gratitude, or noticing what’s here and now – being fully present.

Even before your eyes are open, hear the things you normally hear and see if you can up-level your take on them.

c) Let me know if this changed anything for you. I really want to hear if it was helpful or whatever. Just a quick text to 0413 610 350. That’s +61 and drop the first 0 for those outside Australia. Or an email, or comment on my Facebook Page ‘Glenda Thompson for flourisheer’.

Do it! Don’t leave me twisting out here by myself. Connect and share!

Even if it’s to say ‘Don’t be such a tosser — how could that ever shape my whole day?’

Tea Party Retreat

Dessert from Felix, Sydney.

I’ve got such a treat coming up. My tribal afternoon tea late last year had such a beautiful energy that I’ve been inspired to combine that concept with some amazing training.

Want to find out just how magnificent you are and can be? And how that flows on to benefit your work, health and relationships? Then this is for you.

The event, Tea Party Retreat, is nothing right wing politically, like the name might represent in North America! It’s a small group format where you take part and contribute to the outcomes. And it’s fun.

It’s on March 21 in Manly from 1-5pm. For the first time price of only $100 you receive the teaching, sharing with a small group, and a fabulous afternoon tea to boot.

The retreat is already somewhat subscribed, and I’d love you to be there.

Come on, Magnificent One. Join us.

Reach me by midday February 19 to be included.






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